The pioneer Mr. Subhash Patil (73 years old now) comes from a very progressive farmers family, educated at village level, earning and learning from his 10th year (1946), influenced by and studied up to S.S.C. (1953) at RAYAT SHIKSHAN SANSTHA founded by his uncle Late Padmabhushan Karmaveer Dr. Bhaurao Patil, academically graduated in ECONOMICS from University of Bombay (1961) while working as employee of Premier Automobile Ltd. Bombay. Sudden death of Late Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil (1959) he could not follow Late Prof. Mr. B. K . Patil (Nerli) to join London School of Economics. This changed the whole course and being in labour movement at Bombay opted for technical side and qualified to be an Industrial Engineer (1963) under U.S.A.I.D. & National Productivity Council.

Basic attitude being of a social-welfare and social obligation worked as Joint Secretary Association of Engg. Workers to get justice for workers and represented on various committees - occupational classification, grades skills. Mr. Subhash Patil represented workers before Lokhandwala committee, Jijibhoy Committee, Tarif Boards (1960 - 1964).While discharging his duties as on employee of Premier Automobiles Ltd, he kept on his study-habits and to get first-hand knowledge of management side. Started reading, attending seminars and also worked as WORKS MANAGER of a limited company (1964 -1966). His mentor were Ruskin, Jack London (Iron Heel Fame), Scott-Bader (U.K.), Robert Newman (USA), Manvendranath Roy, Prof. Joan Robinson (London School of Economics), Shumacer (British Coal Board) as well as many Indians like Late Mr. Chintamanrao Deshmukh, Late Mr. R. K. Patil I.C.S., Late Shri. Jayanand Khira of Trustee-ship concept, Late Shri. Lala Shriram (Delhi), Late Shri. Navalmal Firodia of Ahmednagar, Late Shri. Dhananjayrao Gadgil, Saint Gadge Maharaj, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and many alike.

On this back-drop at age of 30 he thought of experimenting an industrial productive unit. He took one product "STEERING COLUMN BUSH" which was banned by Tarrif Commission. Thousands of FIATS assembled at Premier Automobiles Ltd. lying idle at Kurla plant for want of this small part. Mr. Patil had joined a rubber-goods unit as works manager in 1964. When he came to know about ban by Tarrif Commission and PREMIERS which was his first employer and gave opportunity to complete his academic and professional recognition as an "Industrial Engineer," put his heart in the development of this product which could not be developed by Modaks, Swastik Rubber, Purohits and many established rubber goods manufacturers.

In July 1966, Mr. Subhash Patil, using kitchen ware, kerosene stove, a harrowed vice could develop this part. It was tested by Premiers, Itallian Tech. Expert Mr. Rephel too was happy. The part was sent to Turino Italy. By cable approval was accorded. This was a breaking ground which accorded enterprenuership to Mr. Subhash Patil (Sept. 1966). This is the moment 'PATCO" was founded on capital of Rs. 13967-

This news appeared in media. By that time Padmashri Dr. Vikhe Patil of Pravara Co-op Sugar complex, Late Shri. Vasantdada Patil of Sugar Co-op Complex, Late Shri. Ratnappa Kumbhar of Panchganga, Late Shri. Tatyasaheb Kore of Warana Co-op Sugar Complex got my where abouts (1966) I was invited to attend a meeting at Maharashtra Rajya Sahkari Sakhar Karkhana Sangh, Patel Chambers, Gunbow Street, Bombay (Sept. 1966). All Co-op Sugar Plants were imported one and always faced problems specially due to negligiable rubber parts. In words of Late Shri. Vasantdada "A horse of lakhs of rupees being stranded for want of a horse-shoe." All members present supported Mr. Subhash Patil to develop import substitution of rubber parts for cane sugar plants. Mr. Subhash Patil being a student of RAYAT (Farmers Educational Institute) he himself being from farmers family, cane-sugar plants being beneficial to farmers and to be a small part of Agro-based Industrial Revolution resigned from work manager's post at Bombay. Late Shri. Vasantdada, Late Shri. Tatyasaheb Kore (Warana) and his son Late Shri. Vilasrao T. Kore helped Shri. Subhash Patil to set-up a rubber goods unit for sugar plant requirements at Sangli (1967).

This is the history of the birth of "PATCO" of course it was not without prangs.


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