What one should know?

One can avoid inefficiency, down-times, extra costs, "losses of sugar industry in new environ of the globalisation and the competitive world? So that investors, farmers, employees and customers at large shall benefit we would like to point out that there is need of change of attitudes of persons, who formulate policy, those who decide and those who execute the policy at plant levels.

Rubber as a material of construction for sugar plants, there are precautions to be taken while its ordering, it's storing, monitoring, it's performance & detecting causes of failure. Taking corrective measures to improve upon performance and selecting appropriate, knowledgeable & reliable suppliers of spares. Also taking punitive actions against those who do not deliver in time or do not maintain standards etc. Is a must.

Only lowest rates criteria may land sugar plants in multiple losses; since there are different grades of rubber and rates vary from rs.24 to rs3800/-per kg. Experienced rubber / polymer technologist who has studied cane sugar processing technology, HUGOT was the source and has tried to bring or develop some blends (alloys) of rubbers / polymers can give better products and better service. This is for which 'PATCO' is known.

To guarantee inter-changeability & better quality following information is necessary -

A) Working condition - temperature, contact with steam, oils, alkaline or acidic substances etc. Or dry heat only.

B) If available, specification / standards as defined by Indian bureau of standards, BIS / DIN / ASTM / SAE etc.

C) Drawing of the parts with dimensional tolerances

D) For hydraulic and pneumatic systems the dimensions where these parts are fitted. PATCO is ready to act on these lines, only cane sugar-plants should be ready. If they agree, contact 'patco1 immediately, make use of electronic media to get right maintenance supply promptly. Overseas sugar-plants do have faith in 'PATCO' for inter changeability.

Shortcomings or deficiencies of sugar plants experienced by PATCO during the last forty years. While floating enquiries

a) Ignorance about rubbers i.e. its grades & uses.

B) Lethargy in giving details of working conditions to which, enquired rubber / polymer part should withstand. Some times enquiries received for rubber to withstand 250°c or 300°c temp. Though the temp. At working station do not exceed 120°c.

C) Drawings are sent but in fact these are sketches only without any legend giving working conditions, standards, dimensional tolerances. Also when changes are made in drawings, no notice of change on drawings is made.

D) When changes are made in certain dimensions it's effect on other dimensions are not considered and attended to. This is mainly due to drgs. Are based on used & deformed parts.

E) Many customers order huge quantities due to there experience with substandard supplies in the past. Rubber / polymers is organic material which deteriorates /ages, if it is exposed to atmosphere for more than a year. This makes rubber / polymer spares unserviceable.

Of all the aspects non-standardization in all items of maintenance builds high level of inventories. When such inventory build-up is of organic materials like rubber it becomes obsolete in given time.

Wherever possible standardization should be insisted by sugar plants. Sugar plant manufacturers themselves should change their attitudes in the interest of sugar industry, so that sugar industry can face competition due to delicencing, free imports & globalisation.


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