PATCO is leading marketing and manufacturing company among the group of manufacturing first generation of entrepreneurs having traditional base of agricultural. RAYAT (Farmers) being geographically regional word. THE ORGANISATIONAL PROFILE is termed "PATCO GROUP" or "PATCO COMMON WEALTH" because all member entrepreneurs presume to be trustees of the business activity. Pioneer of this concept Mr. Subhash Patil who is 73 now had set-up the first unit in 1966 under name & style of PATCO INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES to manufacture IMPORT SUBSTITUTIONAL maintenance products for Cane Sugar Industry.

Rates of PATCO appear to be higher but customer gets more value for money since PATCO uses appropriate VIRGIN INPUTS, never uses recycled inputs which definitely deficient on many counts. PATCO's 40 years experience & Monitoring from the customers...productivity is assured. No tension from operative labour to the top technical personnel and the horse of management is not stranded for want of a horse shoe.

PATCO cares for those who care for themselves. Naturally PATCO is selective about customers who are productivity concerned.

Organizational Specialities

PATCO' takes the managements of cane sugar plants in confidence and requests to assign a contact man who knows, is aware of functioning of plant and reports instantaneously through electronic media if any PATCO' supply is causing problem. PATCO get this first hand information and alerts Manager C.R.M. (Customer Related Management). Before getting formal and official complaint PATCO' CRM is already drawing information, checks it if anything wrong from in-put level, during production, during packing & forwarding. Then deputes technical person to attend the problem of the concerned Cane Sugar Plant. Yes, horse should not be stranded for want of a horse shoe.

PATCO' has maintained data bank of customers requirement, rejection / failures, corrective steps taken etc. This has helped PATCO to serve customers better and customers has minimum down time on account of PATCO' products. These are specialties. However to achieve this 'PATCO' has to be SELECTIVE ABOUT CUSTOMERS. 'PATCO' can not meet demands of all the sugar plants. PATCO' cares for productivity and those who care for productivity are customers of 'PATCO'

Organizational Activities

'PATCO' keeps on writing about many aspects other than its products. Money is a means and not the end for 'PATCO'. 'PATCO' participates in symposia, seminarss conferences related to rubber / polymers as well as cane sugar plants.

For the last one decade 'PATCO' has been publishing "PATCO SUGAR YEAR BOOK" and distributing to all the concerned cane sugar plants personnel as complimentory copy. This publication has been admired an praiseal by many mentors of Cane Sugar Industry. Information contained in this publication is now about to be available on-line. Now 'PATCO' is planning to bring out a monthly technical bulletin for can sugar plants.





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